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Bengali Poha/Chirer Pulao Recipe

Bengali Chirer Pulao Recipe is a twist to the poha varieties that you find in different Indian states. With a mellow sweet taste to poha, it serves as an excellent breakfast in Bengal. Poha uses many types of vegetable; that's why it's a good and reliable supplement food and a sound menu option for the school lunch box also. Serve the Bengali Chirer Pulao for the breakfast alongside some tea or appreciate it in the evening as a snack for tea time.

Poha is a well-known dish of Maharashtra. We as a whole know Indian society has solidarity in differing qualities. It's valid for the sustenance environment of Indians over the districts and states.

Flattened rice likewise called beaten rice is de-husked rice which is straightened into flakes of light and dry.  This recipe is about smoothed rice cooked with potato and dry fruits. Whether its chindé bhaja (singed flattened rice) with toasted nuts or grated coconut, or the chindé doi (sweet yogurt with smoothed rice), chindé has its unique spot as a reliable and well-used food. Chindé is so well known in Bengal that even markets deal with stuffed chindé bhaja.
The preparation time for this recipe of Chirer Pulao is only 20 minutes. And the cooking time hardly takes only 10 minutes. The measurements mentioned in this recipe will help to serve two people or 2 servings for a single individual. 


    Raisin - 50gm
    Ground Nut - 50gm
    Cashew nut - 50gm
    Chopped Ginger - 1 inch
    Green Chilli – 5
    Chopped Onion – 1
    Cardamom – 5
    Cinnamon Stick - 2inch
    Cloves – 6
    Cumin Seed - 1/2 tsp
    Potato - 1 Medium Size
    Salt - 1tsp
    Sugar - 1tsp
    Flat Rice - 400 gm
    Vegetable Oil - 6tsp
    Ghee 1 tablespoon

Steps to make the Chirer Pulao Recipe

    Soak the flat rice in water if they are thick
    First of all, pour vegetable oil into a pan and heat it
    Fry the groundnuts in the oil
    Remove it and then add cumin seeds to the hot oil
    Once the cumin seed is fried add cloves
    Then add cardamom
    Then add cinnamon stick
    Now add finely chopped onions
    Add chopped ginger
    Add chopped green chili
    Now cook the whole thing nicely.
    Keep stirring so that nothing burns
    After they are fried for 5 minutes, you can add the cashew nuts
    Now add the chopped potato
    Add the raisins
    Add salt and cover with a lid for 3-4 minutes
    Remove the lid and see if the potato is cooked
    When the potato is cooked, you can add the sugar
    Add half tablespoon of ghee
    Now add the soaked flat rice and keep stirring
     Insert the roasted ground nuts and mix them nicely
    Chirer Pulao is now ready to be served. Garnish and serve
    Place the poha into a serving bowl and then serve with some ketchup.
    You can also serve this dish warm or even hot either for breakfast, a light lunch or even as an evening snack.
    In case you have cholesterol or are suffering from any heart ailments then you can avoid the ghee
    You can add different vegetables to this dish to make a variant of the recipe.
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